Richard Lea
Director, Customer Experience at Egencia
I have had the pleasure of working with Michael since 2003. Half of my WFM team was recruited through Michael, all of whom are top notch and have risen through the ranks of our organization. When Michael presents a candidate, you can have absolute faith in the fact that the individual has all the skills you require. In addition, candidates have been thoroughly screened to…more

The Westin Harbour Castle – Client was searching for a solution to re-market their IT assets. We sourced a supplier for the equipment and provided our client with a return on investment.

Anthea Taylor
Director Enterprise Planning at Rogers Communications Inc.
As an executive recruiter, specializing in highly skilled contact centre positions, I can tell you from my experience there is no one better than Michael Duncan! I have worked with others to make that comparison, and none have provided the diligence, top quality, highly skilled candidates as Mr. Duncan. As a leader, you are not only looking for who will fill the role but…more

Marriott Hotel – An IT executive was looking for an onsite hard drive destruction solution and an asset disposal solution. We sourced a cost effective solution that saved time and money.

Jason Rudyk
Client Services Planning & Analysis
Michael’s exceptional experience, in depth knowledge, and strong communication skills make him a great team builder. He took the time to get to know me and recruited me for a position that I enjoyed for over three years. I will definitely work with Michael again in the future.

Asset Disposal Company – Our client, a CEO of an asset disposal company was looking to capture a market. We identified underserved markets and sourced customers who were searching for a cost efficient solution to dispose of their end of life technology properly.

Tariq Harbuk
Sr. Manager WFM, Emirates Telecommunications Corp. –
I’ve known and dealt with Michael for a long time. He has extensive experience with the call centre industry, and a vast network of contacts and leads, all thanks to a great personality and work ethic. Michael has always delivered results.

A US Technology Solution Provider was searching for business development resources, to help open doors, generate leads and convert leads to discovery calls. We identified call centers that where looking for workforce software and our client responded to the RFP.

Completed a call centre Workforce Management System Transformation with Tele-Centre Assist. We evaluated people, products and process for multiple call centres acquired by Davis and Henderson across Canada.

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