Contact Centre Team Building

Business Development (Increase Revenue)
  • Capture Market Review (accelerated the process for understanding our client’s situation)
  • Pipeline Building & Management
  • Team Structure
  • Process Building
  • Building non-micro managed sales and service cultures
  • New Product Launch & demand creation
  • Providing structure, process and resources to qualified 50% of the sales process
  • Source onboard and integrate third-party resource
  • Appointment setting/ schedule meetings
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Team Building ( Scaling )

Workforce Transformation (Reduce Cost)

  • Source people, products and process
  • Capture Market Review (accelerated the process for understanding the client’s situation)
  • Recruit & build call centre, leadership’s and Workforce Management Teams  
  • Create strategic partnerships
  • Source, onboard and integrate cloud contact centre telephony
  • Source, onboard and integrate real-time digital dashboard solutions
  • Source, onboard integrate outsourcing partnerships
  • Reduce Telecom cost, Cost Reduction Algorithm
  • Asset Remarketing Buy & Sell
  • Reduce user cost