Michael’s Work Experience

As a Sr. Business Development Officer, for over two decades I’ve worked with CEOs to sales and service executives to increase revenues (pipeline management), adding talent (recruitment), reduce costs, and improve efficiencies (contingency workforce). My unique industry skill sets include business development and strategic sourcing. I have, and continue to use contemporary call center principles and practices, to monitor and to measure performance.

Work Experience


Sr. Business Development Officer

January 1998 – Present (18 years 7 months)

Call Center Teams understands that sales and service is on the verge of a major inflection point, as a variety of technologies meet at the corporate desktop through on premise, cloud, and hybrid deployment options. We work with Operations & IT executives to build internal and external sales & service team’s people, products and process. Increase revenue (Pipeline building) reduce cost (Contingency workforce) improve efficiency (Recruitment).

As a Sr. Business Development Officer, I have a unique skill sets for building sales and service teams. Business Development, Strategic sourcing, Recruitment and Process improvement. I use my experience obtained from building championships teams, to help our clients build successful winning teams. We help our clients build their teams by creating new relationships, introducing vendors/suppliers and talent to small, mid-size and large sales and service teams. Call Center Teams clients are transforming their business. Our clients use us to transform their team and we use our process to change their people, products and processes. We’ve spent decades developing an Independent Review Q&A Process, to help our clients understand their capabilities people, products and process. We identify the business priority problem and through a budget established by the client, we work to develop a shared solution and a measured result. We use our global network of people and products, to aid our clients in executing strategic change initiatives that upgrade their talent, improve efficiency and generate revenue.


Corporate Development Officer

January 2000 – September 2015 (15 years 9 months)

1987, companies have been using the team at merchantbanker.ca to identify and establish growth through our “Executive Sponsorship Channel Strategy.” By utilizing Strategic Account Management as part of our corporate development role, we drive portfolio client revenue and increase margin.


Mortgage Switch Officer

1998 – 2000 (2 years)

To gain financial advisory knowledge for business to consumer products and services, I accepted a part time role at the Bank of Montreal. We contacted customers with expiring mortgages. The sales objective was to offer benefits and features to our competitor’s customers to get them to switch their mortgage, to the Bank of Montreal, I was consistently one of the top sales professionals in the room. Worked in one of Bank of Montreal’s first Call Centre’s. From that role, I was selected as part of the original team that was put together to launched Mbanx, BMO’s online banking for their quality customers.


Lease Broker

1988 – 1997 (9 years)

Securing creative funding alternatives for asset-based transactions, primarily for SME manufacturers and distributors. Sourced customer who needed to finance new equipment, to grow their business.