Michael Duncan’s Accomplishments


Team Building

Built sales, service, football and soccer teams for over three decades. The process is always the same, source, train, develop and mentor your talent and provide a career path. Have completed numerous strategic sourcing projects for clients. Helped candidates find new careers. Assisted hundreds of players around the world to achieve their goals, to win a championship. Some players have obtain scholarship or realized their dreams to play at the highest level.

Pipeline Management

As a Sr. Business Development Officer, worked for an equipment & finance company for over a decade to build and manage a 4 million dollar pipeline to close. I also helped build CSM/ Merchant Bankers CRM system and manage the funnel activity. My roles was to get CEO’s to release their financial statements and personal network statement for the purpose of arranging financing for new equipment purchases. That was the most difficult prospecting I have ever experienced. Very few individuals get access to that kind of confidential information. I sourced that type of executive for over a decade. Merchant banker helped me to recognize a well-managed and poorly managed organization, created the qualifying process for building and managing a pipeline for conceptual and tangible products & services.


I was tasked by an executive to recruit a call centre executive that could transformed Amex Travel division from an on premise environment, to a virtual environment. My candidate saved my client millions of dollars by eliminating real-estate. I recruited the workforce team that’s in place today. I added ten workforce professionals who transformed the call centre, seven of my candidates have over ten years of tenure and still work for Amex Travel. Amex Travel was one of the strategic accounts that helped grow Call Center Teams recruitment business.

Strategic Sourcing

A global company’s IT and Procurement team asked me to source a strategic partner for an Assessment management project. I used my network to strategically source an end of life technology and white glove services partner. I was able to source a partner that could handle their IT refresh process, ship their technology to locations across North America and manage the border crossing paperwork. Open Text became one of the strategic account that helped grow the strategic sourcing side of the business for Call Center Teams