Outbound Team Building

Call Center Teams Inside Sales Team Building Process

The purpose of Call Center Teams inside sales training manual is to identify, establish, and implement call center best practices, steps necessary to drive revenue and accelerate opportunities and present our client’s unique value proposition.

The client has a financial objective based on developing a recurring revenue to build and create a call center team that drives client meetings and contract engagements. Our call center inside sales training manual will consistently be updated and provides ongoing material and information to train and monitor staff, outside consultants, and sales executives. This document and continued efforts by management to implement detailed changes by maintaining an understanding of the strategies and information necessary for measured success.


Table of Contents

Capture Market Review

Inside Sales Support

Prospect Attention

Customer Profile & Core Competency

Our Customers and Prospects

Understand People, Products, and Process

Define client inside sales strategy

Market Research (Customers)

Demand Creation (Social Media)

Lead Generation (Telephone Marketing)

Sales Introduction (Engagement Process)

Business Analysis (Statement Analysis)

Sales Support (Document Processing)

Account Management (Contract Closing)

Back Office (Administration)

Capture Market Strategy

Sale Process

Executive Team

Operations, Partnerships, Acquisitions

Target Market

Key Accounts

Compensation Recommendation & Review

Business Forecast Model

Performance Compensation

Comparative Commissions

Comparison Spreadsheet

Define Key Performance Indicators

Top Selling services

Buyer Cycle

The Buyer’s Journey

KPI Tracking Reports

Sales Team

Business KPI Objectives & Quotas

Inside Sales Process

The Sales Process

Sales Strategy

Create Scripts base on the customer journey

Back office/ Customer Service

Service and Escalations

Research & Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling & Qualifying

Automate Qualifying Process in CRM


Assessment Questions

Relationship Building

Qualifying & Closing

Revise Script Content

Evaluate Pitch

Qualifying Process


Presenting and Closing


Qualify Before Presenting

Make more test calls

Recruitment Process

Aptitude & Assessment Template

Build the Onboarding Process

Retention Team

Onboard and Retain Customers

Create & Document Training

Review Products & Systems

Client Sales Process spreadsheet

Define and understand User/Customer Path

Map process with Client

Create Workflow

Identify Contact Information

Revise sales process base on week 3 calls

Revise Reporting base on week 3 calls

Eliminate non-phone work

Automate non-phone work

Recruitment and Onboarding

Work with client to review CRM Map CRM Fields

(see Sales Process spreadsheet)

Roles & Responsibilities

Ideal team member characteristics

Recruit Talent

ABC Company User Journey

Screen Candidates

Qualify Process

Interview Candidates

Telephone & Resume Review

First & Second In-Person Interview

Create Training Materials


Phone Script Example

Career Path Opportunity

Define Client Training

Do’s & Don’ts

Train Team

Workflow Process

Relationship Building

Trust and Credibility

Building the Relationship

Prospect’s Existing Challenges

Benefits & Features

Prospects’ Areas of Concern

Benefits to Partnering with Client

Benefits & Features

Prospects’ Areas of Concern

Benefits of Partnering with Client


Listen to calls

Demo & Closing


The Pre-Call Analysis

Things to remember when you’re speaking to future clients:

Don’t use these words in front of future clients:

Don’t do these things in front of future clients:

What Not to Say

Make calls test scripts and qualifying process

Customer Repeatedly Called (how many)

Create a qualifying process to identify pain and priority

Launch Campaign

Qualifying & Closing Questions

Prospect Profile


Customer Personas

Buyer Personas for transaction processing Persona

Services Details




Customer Personas, Services, and Buyer Cycle