About Us

Call Center Teams’ core competency is WFM team building. We work with CEOs who are capturing Canadian or US markets, launching a new product, or capturing a new market. We consult and build remote & on-prem WFM, sales, and service teams using call centre principles and practices. Our clients are manufactures, wholesalers, and distributors of consumable products.

Michael Duncan started strategically sourcing in 1998 when he was asked by a friend to help build a sales pipeline of qualified opportunities. Another friend asked him to source some Bilingual Tech Support professionals, for a customer service executive who was building a team. Then fortunately he was asked by an executive, to source a little known role at the time called a Workforce Analyst. Two decades later, Call Center Teams is still building WFM, Sales, and Service teams. 

Our mission has been to qualify & connect with elite workforce management & contact center professionals all over the world, growing one of the largest and extensive WFM & Call Centre networks in the industry www.wfmjob.com

Call Center Teams, team-building process has been a combination of Michael Duncan’s experiences working with Contact Centre Leadership groups, recruiting call center professionals, and building numerous championship football teams. Our philosophy is to source positive winning attitudes that fit our client’s corporate culture. We assess, review, and recommend WFM tools & processes that help transform an environment. 

To schedule a discovery call contact, Michael Duncan, at info@callcenterteams.com©2020